The Firm

Lavelle Financial

Philip Lavelle Jr. provides personal and comprehensive financial planning services to his clients.  With expertise in investments, financial planning, and insurance, Philip can help you achieve your financial goals.  Philip E. Lavelle Jr. is 'Doing Business As' Lavelle Financial, and is a Registered Associate of Thurston Springer Financial, a registered Broker-Dealer (Member FINRA & SIPC) and SEC-Registered Investment Advisor Firm.


Thurston Springer Financial

"We need to put our clients first," we said, "and that's where we started". It's still who we are. Thurston Springer was founded in 1981 with an emphasis on service. We soon became one of the first firms in the Midwest to substantially reduce the brokerage cost of investment transactions. (We believe competitive pressure from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker/dealers like us helped create the substantial reductions in costs that retail clients continue to enjoy today.  Over the years, we have expanded our services, adding competitively priced, fee-based money management, estate and retirement planning. One of the reasons we can provide independent, objective investment advice is that we are our own independent broker/dealer and SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) registered Registered Investment Adviser Firm.

At Thurston Springer, each client receives the attention of his or her personal Investment Executive aka Financial Advisor, not an impersonal call center. Our Investment Executives are focused on understanding each of their clients' needs. They serve their clients using a broad range of resources. Because we have no in-house products, our financial advisors are free to offer their clients the services best suited to meet their needs.

Our clients assets range from hundreds, and thousands, to millions of dollars invested through our firm.  Regardless of the size of their holdings, all our clients receive the same high-quality service. We are certain that regardless of where you stand today, we can help you improve your financial tomorrow. Our track record of client satisfaction is your assurance that you can look to us for the financial navigation you need.